Correa Says Ecuador Willing to Renew Relations With Colombia

By Nathan Gill
Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) — Ecuador may renew diplomatic relations with Colombia if certain conditions are met, President Rafael Correa said today in a statement posted on the presidential Web site.

Correa asked Colombia to reveal all the details of an air raid last year in Ecuadorean territory, repay Ecuador for unspecified damages, support Colombian refugees in Ecuador and end an alleged “campaign” to link Correa’s government to Colombian guerillas, the statement said.

Ecuador last year withdrew its ambassador from Colombia and expelled his counterpart in Quito in the wake of a Colombian attack that killed 20 members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Colombia’s biggest guerrilla group.

Correa said today that there have been “positive signs” from Colombia but “there is much left to do,” according to the statement.

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