Latin America Needs Market Confidence, IOSCO’s Tanzer Says

By Nathan Gill
     Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) — Greg Tanzer, secretary general of the
International Organization of Securities Commissions, comments on
regulation and transparency in Latin American markets. Tanzer
spoke at an interview in Santiago.

On steps Latin American securities regulators should take to
improve their markets:
     “For Latin American securities regulators, and for
regulators in other parts of the world striving to improve
regulation, particularly with a view to better transparency,
improving investors’ confidence in the market is critical. The
IOSCO benchmarks and the IOSCO principles of securities
regulation provide a very good road map for that.
     “There’s real value in strong and robust regulation,
especially at times like this. It’s been proved time and again
that capital will gravitate to markets that have liquidity and
the markets that have liquidity tend to be those that are well
regulated because people can have more confidence in them.”

On how to improve transparency:
     “By having a good assessment against an international
benchmark, a sober assessment, that tries to identify what the
potential gaps and weaknesses are.”

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