Venezuelan Police Shoot Students Protesting Chávez’s Constitutional Reforms

(Nov. 25, 2007) Riot police shot a group of students from the Universidad Monteávila on Friday for handing out pamphlets protesting the upcoming constitutional referendum in Venezuela. El Observador Online reported that eight students were wounded in the attack.

Police firing small pellets and tear gas forced students to seek protection inside their university. The police then tried to force their way onto the university campus through a hole in a fence but were driven back by students yelling at them that they were breaking the law. Police are not allowed onto university campuses in Venezuela.

On Nov.2 two students were killed and four injured after a similar protest, five days later masked pro-Chávez supporters attacked a group of students protesting the proposed Constitutional referendum resulting in two gunshot wounds and seven other injuries.

Student groups from all over the country met in Caracas on Saturday to continue the protests. Students from 40 different schools wrote protest letters that were then made into one continuous banner over two kilometers long, reportedly the longest protest banner ever.

By Nathan Gill – Southern Affairs

Photo: Wounded Student shows pellet wounds from police attack. From El Observador Online

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