Pinera to Run for President in Chile on Employment, Education

By Nathan Gill
March 31 (Bloomberg) — Chilean billionaire Sebastian Pinera will present his presidential campaign platform this week, highlighting his plans for boosting employment and improving education in South America’s fifth-biggest economy.
Pinera, running as a candidate for the Alliance for Chile coalition, said his proposal would add 1 million jobs in five years, in comments to reporters today in Santiago.
“We have a concrete plan to achieve two objectives: give jobs to Chileans and improve the education of our youth,” Pinera said, pledging to present his full program at the end of the week.
The candidate, the world’s 701st-richest person according to Forbes magazine, said he would focus also on lowering crime rates. He declined to give details.
“If we could also agree on a plan to reduce crime, we could turn this very difficult year into perhaps the most fertile year with the most achievements in our society.”
Pinera lost the 2005 election to President Michelle Bachelet, who by Chilean law is not eligible to seek a second term.

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