Academic Research Links on Latin American Regional Integration


UNASUR Government Documents
ALADI – Associación Latinoamericano de Integración
CAN – The Andean Community


Southern Affairs
INTAL Inter-American Development Bank
UN – CRIS Working Papers on Regional Integration
Inter-American Dialogue
LASA Links
Oxford Latin American History Database
Nueva Mayoria (Spanish)


Problematising Regional Integration in Latin America: Regional Identity and the Enmeshed State – The Central American Case
By José Caballero

The New Regionalism in Latin America and the Role of the US
By Philippe De Lombarede and Luis Jorge Garay

Las Relaciones Unión Europea ? América Latina en los Últimos Diez Años: El Resultado de La Inexistencia de Una Política. Un análisis empírico y esperanzado
By Ramon Torrent and José Ramón Francia

China-Latin America Relations in the XXI Century: Partners or Rivals?
By Uziel Nogueira

Human Security in Central America
By Philippe De Lombaerde and Matthew Norton

The Meaning of Regional Integration : Introducing Positioning Theory in Regional Integration Studies
By Nikki Slocum and Luk Van Langenhove

Order in World Politics – An Inquiry into the Concept, Change and the EU’s Contribution
By Erwin van Veen

Indicators of Regional Integration: Conceptual and Methodological Issues
By Philippe De Lombaerde & Luk Van Langenhove

Social Dimensions of Regional Integration – A High Level Symposium: Conclusions
By Bob Deacon, Nicola Yeates and Luk Van Langenhove

Globalism, Regionalism and Social Policy: Framing the Debate
By Nicola Yeates and Bob Deacon

The Ascent of Regional Integration
By Luk Van Langenhove, Isabella Torta and Ana-Cristina Costea

On the Nature of Globalization and its Measurement. Some Notes on the A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index and the CSGR Globalisation Index
By Marco Caselli

Conflict Prevention and Peace-Building in the Regional Context – UNU-CRIS/DPA Seminar Report
By Tania Felicio

A Political Early Warning – Response System to Address Global and Regional Threats
By Tapio Kanninen

Regional Integration. What is in it for CARICOM?

Chile’s Integration Strategy: Is There Room for Improvement?

MERCOSUR: In Search Of A New Agenda. Rapporteurs Report

Integrating the Americas – FTAA and Beyond

América Latina a principios del Siglo XXI: Integración, Identidad y Globalización. Actitudes y expectativas de las elites Latinoamericanas

Regional Integration in Latin American, Globalization and South-South Trade

Regional Integration, Trade and Conflict in Latin America
By Alejandra Ruiz-Dana, Peter Goldschagg, Edmundo Claro and Hernán Blanco

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